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Mishwa DeoDap

6037 Anti Crack silicone Gel Foot Protector Moisturising Socks

6037 Anti Crack silicone Gel Foot Protector Moisturising Socks

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Anti Crack Vented Moisturizing Silicone Gel Heel Socks for for Swelling, Pain Relief, Foot Care Ankle Support Pad - 1 Pair 

Breathable fabric
The socks feature a porous design. This allows your feet to breathe freely and keeps them sweat free , Heel Pad

Elastic design
The socks are elastic in nature. Therefore they will fit any feet size, giving a snug and comfortable fit every time to every one.

Toe-free design
The product will not cause any hindrance in walking as it has a toe free design. Freely move all your toes by wearing these socks


After washing the socks retain their original properties. Hence they can be reused for a number of times.

Washable fabric
There is no need to worry if the socks get dirty. The heel socks can be easily washed without you having to worry about the sock losing its properties. The socks should be hand washed in water below 30 degree Celsius with neutral detergent and should be dried in a shade.

Help Prevent Dry Skin Protect The Skin Against Peeling And Cracking

Washable,Soft Medical Silicone, Non-Toxic Bottom Designed With Anti Slip Granules 12 Holes Design, More Breathable Prevent Dry Skin Protect Skin Against Cracking Medical Grade Silicone

Application Of Foot Care Products.
1. Moisturize the skin, keeping skin moisture, healing the ols cleft.
2. Deep penetration of moisture, promote epidermal renewal
3. Aging of the skin gradually thinning
4. Soft & Flexible, able to absorb the impact of walking, relieve pain friction 5.Heel anti crack set (anti chapped, dry, rough, horny thick, crust)

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