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Mishwa DeoDap

4724 Foldable & Adjustable Portable Laptop Stand for laptops

4724 Foldable & Adjustable Portable Laptop Stand for laptops

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Adjustable, Portable & Foldable Laptop Stand

Take a stand for your health and productivity! Place on your desk, dining room table, or kitchen counter. Fold it up and take it anywhere you need. In fact, this lightweight stand is not just for work. Hang out with friends, watch movies, or scroll through social media with this adjustable laptop stand!

Foldable, Portable & Lightweigt
The Carnation Laptop Stand has a thin, hard plastic frame. It can be easily folded and carried around. Durable enough to withstand

Ventilated Stand - No Overheating
Extend the life of your laptop and prevent overheating. Cut out vents allow air to circulate freely. Watch movies non- stop without your laptop getting too hot!

Ultra-Portable - Folds Flat
The lightweight frame is made of hard plastic that's thin enough to be folded neatly in your bag or backpack. Strong enough to carry laptops up to 55 lbs or a heavy book.

? Working from home, video calling, gaming - there’s so much we do on our laptops! Why not do it from the comfort of your bed? The Laptop Stand keeps your lappie secure while you prepare your spreadsheets and presentations, while its height adjustment support lets you sit back and binge-watch your favorite TV series, without the risk of injuries.
? The stand significantly facilitates airflow through a hollow space in the middle, saving the laptop from common overheat situations.
? Ergonomic Design
? Lightweight and Foldable
? Natural air ventilation
? No obstruction while typing
? Solid Grip on wooden and Glass surface
? Portable Design
? Suitable for all Laptop sizes
? Durable Built Quality

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