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2422 Dinnerware Cutlery Premium Plastic Spoon And Fork Set - 10 pcs

2422 Dinnerware Cutlery Premium Plastic Spoon And Fork Set - 10 pcs

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?? Tableware Plastic Spoon and Fork Set 10 pieces ?? 

?? Reusable utensils made of food-grade & BPA free plastic materials, which is a renewable, help to reduce the use of disposable utensils. Without toxic substance, no heavy metal, guarding you and family's health.


?? Comfortable Texture: The utensil set is designed for kids and adults; handles are perfectly shaped to easily grasp even for kids. No rough edges on the spoon and fork set, offer a good dining experience. It's simple and cute appearance make you or child enjoy the meal. Can be paired with various style of kitchenware and will spice up your meal.

?? Durable & Easy to clean: Portable cutlery set is easy to clean, and completely dishwasher safe, anti-scalding. High quality tableware is durable and unbreakable, no worry that it may break once falling down.


?? Benefit
? The process of production is strictly controlled by dustless and disinfectant, and can be used safely
? Small, portable, easy to carry
? Suitable for all kinds of potted ice cream, pudding, food and snacks, which can be used for family or birthday party, as well as gifts


?? Package
5 sets of plastic Spoons
5 sets of plastic Forks

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