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2415 Vegetable Cutter Chopper Chipser for Kitchen 12 in 1 (11 Blade and 1 Peeler)

2415 Vegetable Cutter Chopper Chipser for Kitchen 12 in 1 (11 Blade and 1 Peeler)

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???? Kitchen Multipupose Plastic 12-in-1 Manual Vegetable & Fruit Chopper, Grater, Chipser and Slicer (Multicolor) ????

???? Multipurpose
make all kinds of baked and frozen delicacies you want with these flexible baking cups, with 6 pack you never have to worry about running out mid-baking session again. these muffin holders are perfect for parties such as birthdays, baby showers, weddings, anniversaries. they can also be used as food divider in kids' bento lunch boxes. great for cooking eggs, baking muffins, cupcakes, and breads, preparing frozen treats, desserts on a baking sheet, candy making

???? Unbreakable & Durability
Materials for Ease of Use and Featuring a highly durable and sturdy plastic container with a strong rubber base at the bottom for enhanced grip, The Quick Plastic Cutter makes it easy to cut your favorite fruits and vegetables on a kitchen table-top. All blades contained in the set are made from high quality stainless steel and are extremely sharp for easy cutting operation.

???? Stainless Steel Blades
The blades are made up of premium quality stainless steel for smooth chopping. For easy chopping, the blades are sharp and pyramid shaped.

???? Variants in Blades
The chopper comes with different kind of blades for variations in chopping and dicing. It also comes with a peeler with sharp stainless steel blade.

???? Uniform And Easy Chopping & Slicing
The uniform and easy chopping and slicing of vegetables and fruits can be easily done by this set of choppers and slicers without taking much time. Place the vegetables or fruits on the center of the blade and push the upper lid to get a easy and uniform chopping of vegetables or fruits.

???? Complete Chopper Set For Every Kitchen
This mini chopper set is a much needed kitchen product for every home. This chopper set saves your time in kitchen. You can simply change the blades as per your needs. This all in one chopper set can almost fulfill all your kitchen works. It can easily done the cutting, shredding, slicing, peeling of all fruits and vegetables.

???? Multipurpose Slicer for All Cutting, Chopping and Slicing Needs:
Avoid the hassle and inconvenience of using different tools such as knives, peelers, shredders and cutting boards for your cutting and chopping needs in the kitchen. Its ergonomic handle lets you chop large vegetables and fruits such as potatoes, capsicum, apples and more in one swift motion and the efficient design ensures uniform cutting at all times.

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